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Our Mission

To create tools, resources, and training that empower key stakeholders at clubs to embrace an evidence based approach to both Talent ID and Performance Analysis.

Is it not already possible to be data driven in football?

Yes! But the two ways of doing it have their issues...

'Off The Shelf' Platforms

Companies like StatsPerform and StatsBomb are well established and provide access to a slick platform, that allows clubs to go straight to insights. However, as well as being expensive, they provide all clubs with the same platform of data which is not bespoke or tailored to your game model. From a Talent ID perspective, this means that everyone is fishing from the same pond, and when it comes to performance analysis it limits the insights and ability to dig deeper when you find something interesting about your opposition.

'In-House' Solutions

Trying to create a bespoke solution through an in house data team using the raw JSON data from the StatsPerform/StatsBomb API is a better solution to get richer insights, if you have the time, money, and resources to set it up. You will need to take the data from the API and turn it into a data warehouse that you can then connect to a BI tool in order to get insights.

You often won't see any results for 6-9 months and will need to hire specialists such as data engineers and data architects, along with a full technology stack.

Is there a better way?

At Touchline Analytics we have 7 years experience in elite level sport, and 14 years experience in data analytics.


We give you the ability to get the bespoke insights of a full in house data team, without the cost of procuring the raw data, technology or headcount. We have taken care of all of the expensive back end work and your analysts can simply plug in to our database of clean and easy to use data in Snowflake, for a fraction of the cost either of the above solutions.

Analysts go straight to the insights with our oven ready Tableau reports, with the added ability to customise to your game model, and the metrics your coaches care about, by giving you access to our Snowflake database - The best of both worlds!


Over the last year our tools and training have enabled clubs from all over the world to kick start their data journey.


Sports Data Analytics

for Clubs, Federations, Universities and Media

Infrastructure and data access

To get the data insights needed to win games, you need high quality data in an easy to use format. Implementing this as an 'in house' solution doesn't come cheap.

Touchline Analytics empowers clubs at all levels of the professional game to benefit from the power of data by allowing clients to tap into our ready made data warehouse in Snowflake. We have access to the Wyscout API and so as well as saving you on the cost of hiring a data engineer to pull data from an API, we also save you on the cost of the data itself.

If you're struggling with APIs and complex JSON data but just want to get down to getting insights, we can help to bridge that gap.

Reporting and Insights

Revolutionise pre and post match analysis by tapping into oven ready Tableau reporting that deliver the insights that are bespoke to your clubs game model.

Working closely with Technical Analysts at professional football clubs with years of experience in the game, Touchline Analytics have created a suite of dashboards that are ready to use to help win matches.

The dashboards are created in Tableau, giving you the ability to chop and change metrics with ease to quickly customise reporting to coaches needed, and create new reporting to get bespoke insights and automate workflows.

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Access our data that is stored in an easy to use format in Snowflake. Here you can query the data using SQL, or you can connect the tables and views to a BI tool of your choice.


Access to our oven ready reports in Tableau so you can go straight to insights. These reports are editable, so users can customise to their needs. Users can also connect to the Snowflake data through tableau (or any other BI tool) and create their own dashboards for full flexibility

Bespoke and Consulting

or for anything else related to data bases, APIs, reporting and turning your StatsBomb/StatsPerform data into insights, get in touch to see how we can help!

Don't just take our word for it...


Seb Romero
Head of Recruitment
Houston Dynamo

Touchline has been an essential piece of our performance analysis and talent ID this season, helping us broaden the spectrum of metrics we utilize, while also helping to visualize them in creative and specifically customized dashboards.


Touchline have a reliable and highly capable team, who’s ability to help find and create solutions has not only saved us countless hours, but also given us all kinds of additional insights.

tennis aus.png

Darren McMurtrie
Performance Analyst
Tennis Australia

The team at Touchline have been great over the past months, from helping us build out a data infrastructure in Snowflake, through to clear insights in Tableau. We now have the ability to look at every shot in great detail allowing us to provide key feedback to our players.

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