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Applied Tableau Training for Football - An Introduction

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


Just Launched: The first ever course from a Football specific Tableau Partner. We've leveraged the knowledge of Tom Goodall and his years of experience using Tableau to help win football matches in the football league with Swansea City, Derby County and Forest Green Rovers.

This introduction course takes you through the basics of Tableau, explaining how to import data sets and make some basic calculations, before quickly moving on to actually creating visualisations that can be used to win football matches. By the end of the two hour course, you will be comfortable in making dashboards and have a flavour for how data can be leveraged in a professional football setting.

Whether you're a technical analyst currently at a professional football club, a student hoping to forge a career in football or a football enthusiast with an interest in data there is something for everyone.

Along with the 2 hour webinar, you'll receive 3 data sets. The first gives high level metrics across last season for every team and fixture in the English Premier League and EFL. The second gives these similar metrics at a player and fixture level and the final data set is a summarised view of formations for analysis.

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