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Infrastructure and data access

To get the data insights needed to win games, you need a high quality team and infrastructure. Implementing this as an 'in house' solution doesn't come cheap.

Touchline Analytics empowers clubs at all levels of the professional game to benefit from the power of data by allowing clients to tap into our ready made data warehouse.

If you're struggling with APIs and complex JSON data but just want to get down to getting insights, we can help to bridge that gap.

Reporting and Insights

Revolutionise pre and post match analysis by tapping into ready made Tableau reporting that delivers the insights that matter to you across all aspects of the game.

Working closely with Technical Analysts at professional football clubs with years of experience in the game, Touchline Analytics have created a suite of dashboards that are ready to use to help win matches.

We offer a 360° view of opponents playing styles, strength and weaknesses as well as tracking of player development and recruitment advice.

Bespoke and Consulting

No two clubs are the same, and a one size fits all policy with insights only goes so far.

Touchline Analytics dedicated support network, with experience of delivering results at the highest level of the game,  work closely with coaches and managers to understand their needs in order to create unique and bespoke solutions that deliver impact on the pitch. 

We have experience creating bespoke Tableau reporting, metrics and insights that are tailored to your team and game model, so you can step away from generic reports that are not relevant to you.

Tableau Training

Learn by doing

Our smart and interactive tableau training courses are designed by football people, for football people. From beginners to advanced users you'll be creating match winning visualisations from the start, focussing on delivering insights that drive results on the field.

The Touchline Analytics Introduction to performance Analysis with Tableau course is now available and gives you a flavour of the simple visualisations that you can make in Tableau that can have a big impact.

The course, aimed at Clubs, Federations, Universities, Media and Individuals has something for everyone and is created by former Derby County, Swansea City and Forest Green Rovers Analyst, Tom Goodall.


Don't spend hours recreating visualisations you've seen on forums and youtube. We've done the hard work and our templates are ready for you to plug your data in and see the results in minutes!

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